DUI Frequently asked Questions and Answers:

1) What are the reasons the police can stop me for suspicion of DUI?

2) Why does a routine traffic stop turn into a DUI investigation?

3) When does a routine traffic stop turn into an investigatory stop?

4) Does the Police have to read me Miranda prior to questioning me?

5) Am I entitled to speak or consult with a lawyer prior to agreeing to do Field Sobriety tests (FST's)

6) Am I required to do FST's if asked by the police?

7) What are the consequences if I refuse to perform FST's.

6) What are FST's and how were they developed and designed?

7) Are FST's scientificially reliable and what do they prove?

8) What happens if I do well on the FST's, will I be released and allowed to go on my way?

9) What happens if I do poorly on the FST's?

10) Do other things cause poor performance on FST's besides impairment?

11) Are FST's, or a refusal to do them admissible as evidence in a trial?


Am I entitled to a trial by jury?
How many Jurors do I get on my panel?
What does the State have to prove to get a lawful DUI conviction?
How does a trial proceed?
What happens if I am Acquitted, convicted, or the Jury is hung?