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Florida DUI Administrative License Suspension

  • Florida Statute 316.1932
  • Breath Alcohol Content under .08
  • Breath Alcohol Content over .08
  • Breath Alcohol Content Over .2
  • Breath alcohol Content of a Minor
  • Positive Urine Screen for Controlled Substance
  • Refusal to submit to Breath sample
  • Refusal to submit to Breath Sample second time.

Florida DUI Law

  • Florida Statute 316.1932
  • Florida Statute 316.1933

Florida DUI Penalties

  • Penalties for first DUI conviction.
  • Penalties for second DUI conviction that occured within five years of first.
  • Penalties for third dui conviction that occured within 10 years.
  • Penalties for fourth and subsequent DUI conviction.
  • Penalties for conviction for DUI causing property damage.
  • Penalties for conviction for DUI causing personal injury.
  • Difference between Misdemeanor and Felony DUI.
  • Licence Suspension for Dui Convictions
  • Court Costs for DUI conviction.
  • Fines for DUI conviction.
  • Vehicle Impoundment for DUI Conviction
  • Ignition Interlock Device.

Florida DUI Resourses

  • The Best Defense Is A “Strong Offense”.
  • Building a “Strong Offense” begins by having a good relationship with our clients.
  • We will discuss with you the facts of the case
  • We might be able to resolve your case without you ever having to go to court.
  • We will be prepared for trial
  • Combined experience of over 200 trials

TampaBay DUI Articeles

  • 10 Mistakes People make in dealing with their DUI arrest.
  • How to find a DUI Lawyer.
  • What to expect after your DUI arrest.
  • What you should do when being investigated for DUI.

Florida Answers to Frequently asked questions

  • What are the reasons the police can stop me for suspicion of DUI?
  • Why does a routine traffic stop turn into a DUI investigation?
  • When does a routine traffic stop turn into an investigatory stop?
  • Does the Police have to read me Miranda prior to questioning me?
  • Am I entitled to speak or consult with a lawyer prior to agreeing to do Field Sobriety tests (FST's)
  • Am I required to do FST's if asked by the police?
  • What are the consequences if I refuse to perform FST's.
  • What are FST's and how were they developed and designed?
  • Are FST's scientificially reliable and what do they prove?
  • What happens if I do well on the FST's, will I be released and allowed to go on my way?
  • What happens if I do poorly on the FST's?
  • Do other things cause poor performance on FST's besides impairment?
  • Are FST's admissible as evidence in trial?
  • What type of penalty and sentence am I facing if convicted?
  • What types of sentencing enhancements are there and what are their consequences?
  • What types of consequences are there if I am convicted of a crime?
  • What is a motion to suppress?
  • If the police ask me to search my car during a traffic stop, do I have to let them?

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TampaBay DUI Lawyers

  • Pedro Amador, Attorney
    • Criminal Defense Lawyer
    • Licensed to practice law in Florida and Illinois
  • Robert Tager, Attorney
    • Criminal Defense Lawyer
    • Licensed to practice law in Florida


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